VR-Enabled Biomanufacturing Professional Training Program (VR-BPT)

Program Overview

You have the talent, skills, and mindset to succeed in the life sciences. Pathmaker is here to help you and other Massachusetts residents on the first step of their path toward a successful career. Massachusetts is the global leader in the life sciences. Enviable starting salaries and career growth opportunities like no other await. No higher education credentials or prior experience needed. We have a place for you

Transform your passion for science into a rewarding career in Bio Manufacturing Operations.

Kickstart your career in MLSC sponsored Pathmaker program in Biomanufacturing by enrolling in our cutting-edge Virtual Reality-enabled Biomanufacturing Professional Training Program (VR-BPT)

Myra EB Systems offers a unique pathway to launch a meaningful career in biomanufacturing. This program is completely free and equips participants with the critical and operational skills needed to excel in the field of Bio-manufacturing operations. The entire Bio-manufacturing curriculum will be delivered through VR headsets, providing participants with an immersive and experiential learning experience.

Upon graduation, each participant will receive:

Join us for 8 sessions of fun, immersive, unique, and flexible training that promises full-time job placement in thriving local biotech companies, starting at a minimum wage of $25 per hour.

We are actively recruiting for our training sessions in August and September.

Take the first step towards a future in biotechnology—register for an information session today and start advancing and transforming life sciences!

Enroll in a Training Program Today

Massachusetts residents are strongly encouraged to explore active training programs taking place across the state. Through these programs, individuals can receive training stipends and other support services to address barrier reduction, including transportation reimbursements and daycare subsidies. For many programs, residents only need to fill out a simple form to become enrolled.

Training Overview

  • FREE 8 sessions of fun, immersive, unique, and flexible training to get you a job in the Bio-manufacturing.
  • Training will be held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Training takes place at Myra EB VR Lab, our brand-new training facility
  • Program includes:
    • Hands-on lab training at Myra EB VR Lab in Boxborough.
    • Invitation to Myra EB events and conferences (conditional).
    • One-on-one coaching and support session with Pharma industry leaders.
    • Soft skill development workshops.

Am I eligible for this program?

  • Can legally work in the United States
  • Massachusetts Resident
  • Must have basic mathematic skills
  • Must have basic English communication skills
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Must have basic computer skills
  • Can start a full-time job immediately after program completion