DrugTX.AI In Commercial

AI-Based System Dynamic Forecasting

Accessible Data Aggregation (SKU, Country, Geo)

Measuring Variance

Enhance Clinical and Commercial Planning based on Real-Time Data

Customizable and Scalable for Industry Needs

S&OP Planning Suite

E&O Optimization and Tax Saving Suite

Clinical and Commercial Forecasting

Effortlessly centralize all your forecasts for easy tracking. Accessing past forecasts is a breeze, thanks to our AI/ML engine’s recommendations based on extrapolation models. You have the flexibility to switch between models according to your preferences. Our offering includes country-specific market data for commercial forecasting and site-specific data for clinical forecasting models. Leveraging AI, we process data from multiple sources to generate highly accurate forecasts. Our user base primarily consists of professionals engaged in both commercial and clinical forecasting. 

Variance Analysis

Gain complete visibility into forecast variances with our comprehensive visualization tools. Easily compare any historical forecast, including the current one, for quick insights. Optimize your supply chain by leveraging AI models that utilize variance data, enhancing prediction accuracy. Our AI-driven approach harnesses variance analysis to provide more precise and reliable forecasts, ultimately improving the accuracy of your supply chain predictions. 


Commercial & Clinical Forecasting Model

Optimization of Excesses and Obsolescence

Our solution focuses on comprehensive inventory management, including efficient handling of Excesses and Obsolescences (E&O), which typically account for 5-10% of total inventory. By offering insights and tools for aggregating E&O and ensuring tax compliance, we enable commercial companies to make informed decisions. Additionally, our system facilitates correct write-offs, enhancing inventory management accuracy and cost-efficiency. 

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

AI and ML-driven Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) in the pharmaceutical industry revolutionize demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and production planning. These advanced technologies enable data-driven decision-making, enhance adaptability to market changes, and ensure timely drug delivery. With AI and ML, pharmaceutical companies optimize operations, providing efficient and responsive solutions to meet critical healthcare demands.

Forecasting example-System Dynamic- Based on Patient Journey