Use Case: Data Aggregation

The first step in the process is to enter the SKU and link with country to define the Geo market.

The sales team would then typically communicate the forecast through excel, analytical tools or ERP.

This cycle is repeated monthly or quarterly for commercial stage company resulting in many files created. This is very hard to keep track of over time.

Our system then can aggregate all the predictions into a country level forecast. The country level forecast is rolled up to a market level forecast per SKU.

The System can connect directly with a products country level and market level forecast.

ROI for the Customers: Commercial

Efficient Resource Management

Use demand forecasting to estimate the number of participants for clinical trials. Plan for recruitment and allocate resources accordingly.

Drug Supply Visibility

Demand forecasting is vital for the distribution of Drugs, particularly in response to disease outbreaks (Covid vaccine and other pandemics). Allocate vaccines/drugs to regions and populations in need.

Effective Pipeline Management

Forecast and evaluate the potential demand for drugs in the development pipeline.
Prioritize the correct resources for R&D

Enhanced Commercial Forecasting and Variance analysis

Visualization tools and advanced AI data analytics allows for fast and informed decision making