AKTA Ready Flux Tangential Flow Filtration System

Extended range
New modality therapeutics require low volume and high recovery. We’ve extended the ÄKTA readyflux™ flow kit range to include two new sizes (1/4 in. and 3/8 in.) and a variant for normal flow filtration (NFF). Same system, more capabilities.

Taking single-use filtration to manufacturing scale
ÄKTA readyflux™ XL is the latest addition to our single-use filtration family. The system’s broad flow-rate range with a low hold-up volume and multiple filtration-control features provide versatility.

Bring confidence to filtration
ÄKTA readyflux™ is an automated single-use filtration system for pilot- and small-scale manufacturing. It’s intended for tangential flow filtration applications in both upstream and downstream workflows.

Single-use filtration at multiple scales
ÄKTA readyflux™ and ÄKTA readyflux™ XL are automated single-use tangential flow filtration systems supporting your needs at multiple scales.

The single use flow path minimizes cross-contamination risk, reduces the need for cleaning, and shortens the batch change over time.

Single-use flow kits for your convenience
The flow kits are supplied gamma irradiated and include single-use flow path, pumps, and sensors for pressure, conductivity, temperature, flow, and pH (depending on choice of flow kit).

The flow kits are easily installed and available with Tri‑Clamp™ connectors, or ÄKTA readyflux™ XL with AseptiQuick™ L and ÄKTA readyflux™ with ReadyMate connectors for aseptic connection for maintaining a closed flow path.

link: https://www.cytivalifesciences.com/en/us/shop/bioprocessing-filtration/tangential-flow-filtration/filtration-systems/akta-readyflux-p-07377#