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Our mission is to provide a way to optimize the way the pharmaceutical industry manages data and maintains visibility of pharmaceutical products through all stages of the supply chain

Supply Chain Operations.

MyraEB Systems is a cloud based platform that automates various data management processes and workflows, in Pharmaceutical operations and supply-chain. Our platform is highly intuitive and designed exclusively to fit Pharmaceutical operations problems/processes

Inventory Management

Our inventory management platform offers strong planning tools customized to the specific needs of pharmaceutical companies. Here users can view the entire supply chain at all stages through an user friendly platform that allows users to view any inventory related information at a centralized location.


Our shipping module tackles the issues at the foundation of the supply chain. By creating a centralized location to view shipping related status information, the users can streamline the shipping process through our platform which significantly reduces the need for back and forth communication, reducing the total amount of emails by 80% throughout the work flow. This can mitigate the chance of human error as well as free up significant time once dedicated to this process.

Stability and Reporting

Data reporting is key for FDA filings and is the primary cause of delays. Anytime a change is made the FDA requires records of such changes to be kept. The Myra platform is fully FDA compliant and ensures GMP is followed at all stages of development.



Our platform was built by professionals with decades of experience in pharmaceutical supply chain operations. We understand the operational challenges posed by the industry and can steer implementation of our technology towards successful roll-outs. Our company is built on diligence meaning we never take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to our service. Our customer success managers will work with you in order to implement our technology in a successful manner.


Trusted by experts

Our demand and supply chain planning tools are still Excel-based. It's very hard to get an accurate view of inventory and supply plans. Every planner does things differently and it makes Sales & Operations planning and Clinical Development and Operations planning very challenging, especially for new products. This solution will fit very well for us overall. -Director of Supply Chain


Used by Top Companies

I was looking for a solution that provides supply chain, shipment management, and materials management for our company. A traditional ERP doesn't make any sense from both a scale as well as an economic point of view. Based on information so far, MyraEB solution is scaled and priced correctly to solve our supply chain needs --Head of Supply Chain

The Solutions we provide

Revolutionize the way inventory is managed. Save time and energy to focus more on what’s important.

Inventory and Material Management

View your entire supply chain at all stages through an easy to use platform that brings all your data together automatically

Demand and Production planning

Strong planning tools customized to the specific needs of the industry. Manage demand, supply, and production to reduce wasted goods

Stability and Reporting

Handle FDA data reporting quickly with our systems. Get instant access to all the important information you need in one place



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